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Halloween Decorations - Graveyard

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Bag of Mood Moss

Bag of Mood Moss - Graveyard Halloween Decorations
Add some greenery to your graveyard! Make your dead shrubs look alive again when you add this Mood Moss to your outdoor graveyard ...

Price: $6.99

Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone

Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone - Graveyard Halloween Decorations
We don't recommend burying dead bodies in your yard for Halloween, just so you can put one of these fake tombstones on your lawn. ...

Price: $9.99

22 Inch Chalkboard Tombstone

22 Inch Chalkboard Tombstone - Graveyard Halloween Decorations
Sometimes, you need a Halloween decoration that speaks to you, which is what this chalkboard tombstone does. The options are endle...

Price: $9.99

22 inch Chalkboard Skull Tombstone

22 inch Chalkboard Skull Tombstone - Graveyard Halloween Decorations
Otherworldly creatures gotta eat, too! Zombies, goblins, and werewolves can't always be expected to catch their meals. After all, ...

Price: $9.99

Cemetery Kit

Cemetery Kit - Graveyard Halloween Decorations
Get ready to turn your front lawn into a graveyard this Halloween with this Cemetery Kit. The kit includes two styrofoam tombstone...

Price: $16.99

24 inch Purple Glitter Light-Up Grave Stone

24 inch Purple Glitter Light-Up Grave Stone - Graveyard Halloween Decorations
Sometimes even a haunted graveyard needs a little bit of purple glitter in its life. The constant drone of everyday grays, blacks,...

Price: $19.99

Victor F Tombstone

Victor F Tombstone - Graveyard Halloween Decorations
Just about anyone could have a generic Frankenstein's Monster decoration set up somewhere on their lawn or in their home. It's an ...

Price: $24.99

Spooky Graveyard Kit

Spooky Graveyard Kit - Graveyard Halloween Decorations
Looking for an easy way to decorate for Halloween? This spooky graveyard kit includes 31 pieces to help you set up your own haunte...

Price: $34.99