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Halloween Decorations - Ghosts

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Small Ghostly Group -19 Inches

Small Ghostly Group -19 Inches - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
During Halloween there is something occurs during the night time, ghosts come out. These spooky spirits float around being up to m...

Price: $14.99

Large Super Ghost

Large Super Ghost - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
When you start setting up your own haunted house scene, don't overlook the basics! This large super ghost is a classic Halloween d...

Price: $19.99

Ghostly Group Set of Three

Ghostly Group Set of Three - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
Your yard can be the scene of the haunting with this ghostly group set. This lawn decoration set includes 3 lawn ghosts with easy-...

Price: $29.99

Hanging Ghost Prop

Hanging Ghost Prop - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
When you have bunch of hanging ghosts in your front yard, you might find that you get a whole lot more trick or treaters, because ...

Price: $39.99

White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop

White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
This ghost is looking to snatch you up in his arms and take you back to his lair. You will be set for a spooky night if this White...

Price: $44.99

72 inch Black Winged Gruesome Greeter

72 inch Black Winged Gruesome Greeter - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
A lot of popular and constantly busy big box stores have now installed greeters at their doors. It's a nice little thing to do, ma...

Price: $69.99

55 inch Standing Boy

55 inch Standing Boy - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
This 55 inch Standing Boy is dressed for a formal party, but he unfortunately met with a mishap en route and never got there. Now ...

Price: $79.99

Hanging Faceless Reaper with Lantern

Hanging Faceless Reaper with Lantern - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
This hanging, faceless reaper decoration is sure to make others uneasy. In place of a face there is a dark void, which is oddly mo...

Price: $99.99

Ground Reaper

Ground Reaper - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
The Grim Reaper is a busy guy. He can't make it to every party this year, which is why you might need this Ground Reaper decoratio...

Price: $99.99

Rising Ghost

Rising Ghost - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
The haunted house look just doesn't work unless you have a ghost or two hanging around the place, you know? Unfortunately, communi...

Price: $119.99

Standing Faceless Reaper

Standing Faceless Reaper - Ghosts Halloween Decorations
What is that specter standing in your yard? Surely it can't be the reaper come to earth to steal our souls! Terrify everyone with ...

Price: $139.99