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Halloween Decorations - Fog Machines

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Fog Liquid Quart

Fog Liquid Quart - Fog Machines Halloween Decorations
No haunted house, Halloween party, or glam-rock extravaganza is complete without oodles of fog, and with a fog machine and our Ult...

Price: $9.99

400W Fog Machine

400W Fog Machine - Fog Machines Halloween Decorations
When the veil thins and the spiritual world comes close to the land of the living, creatures from the beyond can occasionally brea...

Price: $49.99

Smoking Cauldron

Smoking Cauldron - Fog Machines Halloween Decorations
Oooh, whatever potion is brewing in that cauldron, we know it would not be safe to drink. The smoking, it turns out, is actually a...

Price: $54.99

1000W Fog Machine

1000W Fog Machine - Fog Machines Halloween Decorations
Where would scary movies be without fog? Was there ever a classic monster who didn't spend some time staggering through a thick ba...

Price: $84.99