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Halloween Decorations - Body Parts

This sub-category of our Halloween fancy dress costumes and accessories store is for halloween decorations - Body Parts. There are currently 13 products for you to choose from.

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Bag of Fingers

Bag of Fingers - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Don't you just hate it when you are doing spring cleaning, and you find things past visitors have left behind? Like candy wrappers...

Price: $1.99

Severed Body Parts Set

Severed Body Parts Set - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Remember when your grandpa told you that it's always wise to keep some spare parts around when you grow up and have your own car? ...

Price: $5.99

Life Size Severed Hand

Life Size Severed Hand - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
There are so many possibilities with this life-sized severed hand decoration. Use it during a handshake and leave your guest holdi...

Price: $5.99

Hanging Bloody Foot

Hanging Bloody Foot - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Turn your home into a house of horrors with this grotesque decoration! The bloody foot decoration is made of plastic, molded into ...

Price: $6.99

Life Size Severed Foot

Life Size Severed Foot - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
If you want the best haunted house on the block this year, you need to make sure you have the scariest decorations placed all arou...

Price: $9.99

Hanging Bloody Arm

Hanging Bloody Arm - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
When you see a bloody arm hanging in a haunted house, do you ever wonder, ''Who did that arm once belong to? Do they miss it?'' Th...

Price: $9.99

String of Nerve Garland

String of Nerve Garland - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
If you want an extra creepy haunted house this Halloween then the best way to accomplish that is by having plenty of gory decorati...

Price: $16.99

Head in a Jar

Head in a Jar - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Look, how this head got in that jar is not important. You're into your own stuff, and we respect that about you. Some people are i...

Price: $19.99

Bloody Zombie Intestines

Bloody Zombie Intestines - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Once there was a zombie who was extremely hungry. He didn't really understand that he was a zombie though, his friends just told h...

Price: $19.99

Large Open Eye Cut Off Head

Large Open Eye Cut Off Head - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Alright, so we can tell by the way you're staring at us that you're probably wondering how this happened. Well, it's actually a lo...

Price: $29.99

Hooked Head Prop

Hooked Head Prop - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
When did it get to this point? It used to be all jack-o'-lanterns and bedsheet ghosties. What would Granny think? Granny who used ...

Price: $29.99

Crawling Monster Hand

Crawling Monster Hand - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Honey. It happened again. Frankie left his hand behind. Even monsters made by the top mad scientists fall apart every once and awh...

Price: $29.99

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