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Halloween Decorations - Body Parts

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Severed Body Parts Set

Severed Body Parts Set - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Nothing says ''let's eat!'' like inviting guests to take a seat at a table strew with body parts. This inexpensive set of body par...

Price: $5.99

Life Size Severed Hand

Life Size Severed Hand - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
There are so many possibilities with this life sized severed hand decorations. Use it during a handshake and leave your guest hold...

Price: $5.99

Bag of Fingers

Bag of Fingers - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Don't you just hate it when you are doing spring cleaning, and you find things past visitors have left behind? Like candy wrappers...

Price: $5.99

Bag of Eyeballs

Bag of Eyeballs - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Think of all the ways you can use this Bag of Eyeballs. You could float them in a punch bowl. Or mix them into a bowl of popcorn. ...

Price: $5.99

Hanging Bloody Foot

Hanging Bloody Foot - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Turn your home into a house of horrors with this grotesque decoration! The bloody foot decoration is made of plastic, molded into ...

Price: $6.99

Hanging Bloody Arm

Hanging Bloody Arm - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
When you see a bloody arm hanging in a haunted house, do you ever wonder, ''Who did that arm once belong to? Do they miss it?'' Th...

Price: $6.99

Life Size Severed Foot

Life Size Severed Foot - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Make your zombie party or haunted house extra convincing with this life sized severed foot decoration lying around. It is detailed...

Price: $9.99

Devoured Hand Pack

Devoured Hand Pack - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
Zombies really don't have any manners. It doesn't matter where they are, you always see them stuffing their face with leftover bod...

Price: $9.99

Bloody Zombie Intestines

Bloody Zombie Intestines - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
When hunger strikes, who has time to hunt and stalk a new batch of prey? In one click you can have a box of hot, fresh, and steamy...

Price: $9.99

String of Nerve Garland

String of Nerve Garland - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
While you might decorate your surgical room with the unfurled parts of your ''patients'' we know you just don't want to bring your...

Price: $16.99

Head in a Jar

Head in a Jar - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
In the Will Smith film the Wild Wild West, his partner was able to take a decapitated head and create a projector through the eyes...

Price: $19.99

Crawling Monster Hand

Crawling Monster Hand - Body Parts Halloween Decorations
''Honey. It happened again. Frankie left his hand behind.'' Even monsters made by the top mad scientists fall apart every once and...

Price: $24.99

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