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Halloween Decorations - Bats

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15 Inch Bat Prop

15 Inch Bat Prop - Bats Halloween Decorations
A perfect prank item! This black plastic bat has green eyes and floppy wings. It can be hung using the elastic band that is attach...

Price: $2.99

String of Bats

String of Bats - Bats Halloween Decorations
Have you ever felt or been told that you're acting a bit batty? Well, before you go completely mental and lose your grip on realit...

Price: $4.99

Black Nylon Bat

Black Nylon Bat - Bats Halloween Decorations
Really up the wow factor of your vampire lair with this nylon bat. One or a couple of these will make sure that all of your guests...

Price: $5.99

Hanging Bat 17 inch

Hanging Bat 17 inch - Bats Halloween Decorations
Bats can be a little intimidating when thousands of them are flying overhead even from a distance. They look like a giant black cl...

Price: $6.99

Hanging Bat Decoration

Hanging Bat Decoration - Bats Halloween Decorations
Most days out of the year it's not a good thing to have bats hanging around in your belfry. We don't necessarily agree with that s...

Price: $9.99

Brown Bat Prop

Brown Bat Prop - Bats Halloween Decorations
When bats are curled up sleeping, they are actually very cute. They look like little fuzzy Hershey kisses. When they are flying fr...

Price: $11.99

Hanging Brown Bat-Eyes Light Up

Hanging Brown Bat-Eyes Light Up - Bats Halloween Decorations
It looks like a vampire has transformed into a bat and is flying off into the night. Maybe it's Dracula? Scare the bejesus out of ...

Price: $16.99

29 inch Flying Bat Prop

29 inch Flying Bat Prop - Bats Halloween Decorations
Look who's swooping in to spook you! This bat is usually a vampire but when he needs to get somewhere quickly, he morphs into a ba...

Price: $16.99

Wing Flapping Bat

Wing Flapping Bat - Bats Halloween Decorations
Most people find bats pretty creepy, but what about a bat that has a wingspan of 50 inches! We think that it counts as terrifying!...

Price: $29.99

Animated Slashing Bat

Animated Slashing Bat - Bats Halloween Decorations
Let mother nature help you out in scaring people this Halloween when you let this bat hang from the ceiling. When someone would wa...

Price: $29.99