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Halloween Decorations - Bats

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String of Bats

String of Bats - Bats Halloween Decorations
Have you ever felt or been told that you're acting a bit batty? Well, before you go completely mental and lose your grip on realit...

Price: $4.99

15 Inch Bat Prop

15 Inch Bat Prop - Bats Halloween Decorations
Bats - they're ubiquitous creatures at every spooky house. Who knows why they have a thing for old mansions. Maybe there are lots ...

Price: $4.99

Black Nylon Bat

Black Nylon Bat - Bats Halloween Decorations
Congratulations! You have finally achieved your lifelong dream of having a creepy, evil lair! However, no evil lair is complete wi...

Price: $5.99

Skeleton Bat Prop

Skeleton Bat Prop - Bats Halloween Decorations
There are over 950 different known species of bats in the world and scientists estimate that the total number including ones undis...

Price: $6.99

Brown Bat Prop

Brown Bat Prop - Bats Halloween Decorations
Drive your party guests batty when their eyes stumble upon this little guy hanging just out of reach, or propped in a dark corner....

Price: $14.99

Hanging Brown Bat-Eyes Light Up

Hanging Brown Bat-Eyes Light Up - Bats Halloween Decorations
Did you know that bats are one of the animals with the best hearing? Crazy, right? They have adapted to being very good listeners ...

Price: $16.99

Wing Flapping Bat

Wing Flapping Bat - Bats Halloween Decorations
While there is no official animal of Halloween, we would like to cast our vote for the vampire bat, although, the black cat did ru...

Price: $29.99

Animated Slashing Bat

Animated Slashing Bat - Bats Halloween Decorations
Can you think of anything you would enjoy more this Halloween season than watching the people of the neighborhood being spooked by...

Price: $29.99