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Halloween Decorations - Animatronics

This sub-category of our Halloween fancy dress costumes and accessories store is for halloween decorations - Animatronics. There are currently 17 products for you to choose from.

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Animated Ghoul Torso

Animated Ghoul Torso - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
There are so many possibilities with this moving, lit-up, screaming ghoul torso. Use it as a backdrop during your trick-or-treatin...

Price: $24.99

Animated Cat

Animated Cat - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
There's nothing more evil than an angry cat. The clawing, hissing, and raised fur are pretty good indicators that a feline is fair...

Price: $24.99

Animated Flying Reaper

Animated Flying Reaper - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
So you want to build your Halloween decoration hoard, do you? We've got just the thing. We're going to assume you have the cobwebs...

Price: $29.99

Leg Kicking Clown on Swing

Leg Kicking Clown on Swing - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Once upon a time a boy owned a toy clown. He loved that clown, he acted like the clown was really alive. His parents grew scared t...

Price: $34.99

Animated Hangman with Kicking Legs

Animated Hangman with Kicking Legs - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Hang in there, friend! Looks like you're not quite dead - maybe fifty percent dead? Or possibly 75 percent dead? Who knows! All th...

Price: $34.99

Animated Hanging Zombie

Animated Hanging Zombie - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
When we look for quality zombie products to provide you with, we look for a few things. They've got to be pretty spooky, at least ...

Price: $34.99

Striking Snake

Striking Snake - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Look at this monster. We have it on good authority that its erect head (neck?) and glowing red eyes will strike fear into your hea...

Price: $39.99

Shaking Chains Animated Prop

Shaking Chains Animated Prop - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Did you hear about the haunting on South Street? No? Well, surely you've heard the rumors of ghouls being spotted up by Old Miller...

Price: $39.99

Kicking Witch on Swing

Kicking Witch on Swing - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
You want to have the scariest house in the neighborhood this Halloween, right? Of course, you do. So you'll need the perfect decor...

Price: $39.99

Large Animated Ghoul Torso

Large Animated Ghoul Torso - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
What's a ghoul to do when the junk in his trunk has gone missing? After lamenting that his good years of raiding graveyards are go...

Price: $49.99

Chopping Brock Animated Butcher

Chopping Brock Animated Butcher - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Hey, even horror story characters gotta eat. And while some monsters, like werewolves and zombies, prefer their food so fresh that...

Price: $199.99

Animated Ghostly Gentleman

Animated Ghostly Gentleman - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
So your Halloween ball has the reputation of being the premier go-to spot on All Hallow's Eve. Congratulations! When all of the gh...

Price: $228.99

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