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Halloween Decorations - Animatronics

This sub-category of our Halloween fancy dress costumes and accessories store is for halloween decorations - Animatronics. There are currently 15 products for you to choose from.

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Animated Gargoyle

Animated Gargoyle - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Have you ever tripped over what seemed like nothing? Maybe it was on the stairs or even on what seemed like a completely flat surf...

Price: $19.99

Animated Zombie Cat

Animated Zombie Cat - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
You know the 'Beware of Dog' signs that they make? They will consider making a 'Beware of Cat' sign after they get a glimpse of th...

Price: $24.99

Animated Ghoul Torso

Animated Ghoul Torso - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
This guy just can't rest. Add this animated ghoul torso to you Halloween decor for a real terrifying experience!...

Price: $24.99

Animated Cat

Animated Cat - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Do you consider yourself a cat person? Let this Animated Cat be the ultimate test. This cat hasn't let anyone pet it in a decade o...

Price: $24.99

Animated Slashing Bride with Knife

Animated Slashing Bride with Knife - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Weddings are definitely huge deals to some people. They can take months of planning and coordinating, and if it all comes together...

Price: $29.99

Animated Flying Reaper

Animated Flying Reaper - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
This animated flying reaper decoration is ready to greet your guests this Halloween! This isn't just any reaper, this one has larg...

Price: $29.99

Leg Kicking Clown on Swing

Leg Kicking Clown on Swing - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Just imagine. You go the the playground just wanting to have a pleasant swing. But the swing set is occupied. By this scary Leg Ki...

Price: $34.99

Striking Snake

Striking Snake - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
If you didn't already have ophidiophobia before seeing this Striking Snake, you will afterward! This realistic prop looks and soun...

Price: $39.99

Hanging Witch with Apple

Hanging Witch with Apple - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Go ahead...take a bit of her apple. She promises it isn't poisoned or enchanted or anything. But, can you really ever truly trust ...

Price: $39.99

Large Animated Ghoul Torso

Large Animated Ghoul Torso - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
So you went all out with your party decorations. The kids loved it, and the adults all thought it was cool. But that was before yo...

Price: $49.99

Crawling Zombie Girl

Crawling Zombie Girl - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
The zombie apocalypse hasn't come just yet. We predict that it will happen in about 13 years from now. Until then, the only way to...

Price: $59.99

Groundbreaker Zombie Prop

Groundbreaker Zombie Prop - Animatronics Halloween Decorations
Looks like the dead are just not wanting to stay dead in the ground! This electronic zombie decoration has light up eyes and turns...

Price: $59.99

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